Personal injury lawyers are individuals who provide legal representation and support to people who declare that they have been injured. Injury may be physical or psychological damage which is due to the negligence or unlawful behaviour of another individual or entity. Personal injury may be caused by a person, company, government agency or any other unit. As a result of this, personal injury lawyers and attorneys are important individuals with great experience and knowledge in personal injury laws. Personal injury laws are part of the law of tort. Law of tort governs public and civil wrongs, economic or non-economic damage to an individual’s property, reputation or rights.

Personal injury lawyers may be able to handle all disciplines related to law. However, they are most knowledgeable and experienced in practicing cases that are a part of tort law. These may include vocational injuries, automobile accidents, defective products, medical injuries and negligence, slip and fall mishaps etc. personal injury lawyers may also be known as trial lawyers.

auto accident attorneys

Auto Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury and Accidents: When is the right time to hire an attorney?

There are several types of personal injuries. Some of the most common ones that are faced by people include the following:

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Work place accidents
  • Assault claims
  • Home accidents
  • Defects in products
  • Holiday accidents

On a yearly basis, hundreds and thousands of people become victim to accidents that leave them badly injured. This eventually results in facing spiteful lawsuits at a point in time when no one can extend any help in front of the law. In any case, the victim as well as the culprit must resort to legal help in order to represent such accidents. If you have been unfortunate enough to cause an accident, you may be liable to pay thousands of dollars in compensation and damages to the victim i.e. the plaintiff. Similarly, if you are the victim, you may be entitled to considerable sums of money for your own injuries or any damage or loss of your property. Hence, having an experienced and qualified accident attorney is of critical importance in representing you in either case.  Automobile accidents happen in several different ways and circumstances. Each accident is unique, but brings liability and negligence laws into action. There are several different types of collisions that are caused by automobiles. These include:

  1. Rare-end collisions
  2. Head on collisions and accidents
  3. Side impact and T-bone accidents
  4. Pedestrians hit by cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles etc.
  5. Multiple vehicle accidents
  6. Hit and run accidents
  7. Parking lot accidents
  8. Minor collisions

When a person has experienced an automobile/car accident, they have a lot to worry about. Apart from the emotional trauma and stress, injuries, damage to the vehicle, handling claims and other issues must also be handled with extreme care and diligence. For this reason, auto accident attorneys may come into the picture to help people deal with processing their claims and reducing unnecessary stress.

Hiring an attorney: Admitting that you need help:

The following cases would determine if you should at least consider taking legal advice from an auto accident attorney:

  1. When your liabilities are not clear or there is sharing between or among other parties involved;
  2. You have no clue as to how you should appraise and estimate your claim;
  3. The adjuster has requested you to submit your medical records preceding the accident;
  4. The adjuster has put a price on the claim and you feel that your claim is worth more;
  5. The adjuster has offered to break down the payment rather than giving you the total amount in one go;
  6. You are not confident that you will be able to negotiate the settlement you deserve;
  7. You have declared lost wages but are facing a difficult time proving them.

The following cases determine when it is imperative for you to hire an auto accident attorney:

  1. When there is critical and explanatory evidence that make a claim more valuable, but you are not able to prove your losses;
  2. Your insurance company is not willing to accept your claim and you feel this denial is incorrect;
  3. The settlement offer by your insurance company is too low and does not justify the magnitude of damages caused
  4. You have sustained severe injuries which will cost you a significant amount of medical bills, regardless if the injuries sustained will linger or not
  5. You are reasonably hurt with ensuring disabilities which will incur future medical bills as well
  6. There is a minor involved in the injuries
  7. Legal responsibility is uncertain and you believe that you are not accountable or are only partly accountable for the accident
  8. The accident happened almost a year ago and there are no signs of you being able to settle your claim.
  9. You do not know the claiming and limitation laws of the state that you reside in
  10. The accident conditions are complicated and may require an expert to investigate
  11. The other affected party to the accident has made claims that you are liable to pay from your pocket

Now that you have determined whether or not you need to hire an auto accident attorney, it is important to dwell more into automobile related accidents, other than a car accident, and the attorneys that can help you.


As obvious, there are thousands of auto mobile accidents that take place every single day, throughout the different cities and states. However, cars are not the only vehicles that are involved in road accidents. The following is a list of vehicles, other than cars, that may be involved in road collision accidents:

  1. Trucks
  2. Bicycles
  3. Motorcycles


  • Truck Accidents:

Due to the substantial size and heaviness of trucks, anything or anyone that is unfortunate to collide with it does not stand much of a chance of being uninjured. A truck collision is considered almost always a catastrophe with results that are tragic. Truck accident cases are more complicated and complex as compared to a car accident. Hence it is recommended that a truck accident attorney be hired to give expert advice to both the involved parties.

For a law suit to come into action, the causes of truck accidents must be determined. Some of these include:

  1. Fatigue of the driver
  2. Unreasonable schedules
  3. Imbalance in loaded trucks
  4. Poorly maintained trucks
  5. Excessive speeding
  6. Intoxication
  7. Dangerous weather conditions etc.

Good trucking accident lawyers play a critical role in helping their clients with the compensation and damages that they deserve. Injuries sustained during a trucking accident may include broken bones, spinal cord problems, neck injuries, paralysis or even death in extreme cases. It is the duty of trucking accident lawyers to assess their client’s injury, his or her medical expenses, and the pain that the client is suffering. A careful trucking accident lawyer will also evaluate the lost wages and potential losses of future income of the client.

  • Bicycle Accidents:

Bicycles are a mode of transportation usually used in busy, metropolitan cities where the flow of traffic is high. Bicycles are not only used for recreation, but also for exercise and getting to work places. Due to the fact that this mode of transportation is basic, it provides very little protection from the potential hazards that can take place. As a result, a cyclist is prone to major accidents and injuries that may prove to be catastrophic in nature. Unfortunately, most of the times it is children who are involved in accidents pertaining to bicycles.

When on the road, there are several types of accidents which can cause a cyclist to be involved in an accident. Some of these include:

  • Crashes caused by opening car doors which may come in the way of a cyclist.
  • Domestic dog vs. the bicycle
  • Distracted automobile driving
  • Tackling gap turns and sharp turns on the road
  • Rear end collisions
  • Left and right turns on the road
  • Overtaking other cars on the road

Many cyclists who are involved in bicycle accidents do not know what to do after they have received damage. Many of them have a difficult time from the injuries that they have incurred or the emotional trauma that they have received. Bicycle accident attorneys help the victims determine or not they qualify to receive damages and compensation by the person who hit them. Some reasons of hiring a bicycle accident attorney include:

  1. The victim will be informed of his or her rights on the road
  2. Bicycle accident attorneys will determine who was actually negligent
  3. Compensation claims will become systematic and easier


  • Motorcycle accidents

Due to the nature of the vehicle itself, motorcycle accidents are a common danger with the potential of severe injury to the victim. Motorcycle accidents can easily range from severe to fatal within a matter of moments due to the following reasons:

  1. Motorcycles offer little or no protection to the body as there is no protective barrier between the body and the road
  2. Some people are negligent and do not wear the appropriate safety equipment that would help them to avoid any road accidents
  3. People do not take care of speed limits on the road

When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, the penalty can be high and the costs may be uncertain and unexpected. For this reason it is better to seek professional help so that damages and compensation can be retrieved systemically.

Why is it important to hire a motorcycle accident attorney? The reason for this is that many people have the misconception that all lawyers are the same. However, they do not realise that motorcycle accident law itself demands experience and expertise. Some of the reasons to hire a professional and experienced motorcycle accident attorney include the following:

  1. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney will give the victim the reassurance that he is in the right hands.
  2. In some states, a motorcycle accident attorney will not penalise the victim for not wearing a helmet. Instead this can be used as additional information to make the case stronger for the plaintiff.
  3. An experienced lawyer will give advice on the compensation and damage claims that the victim deserves
  4. The victims legal formalities will be taken care of and each aspect will be reviewed from a professional and keen eye.

Everyone is prone to accidents. The important thing to remember is to hire the right lawyer for the right type of accident so that the damages can be claimed according to what the victim deserves.


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  1. I never thought about it in that light, but motorcycle accidents certainly have a very high deviation on costs. The costs could be anywhere from pocket cash to extremely expensive depending on the severity of injuries and damages. This is just one more reason as to why having motorcycle insurance is so crucial.

  2. There are so many different incidents that would call for help from a car accident lawyer. The most important thing is to make sure that you are being properly represented. Car accidents can lead to injuries that lead to lost wages and long-term pain.

  3. Something that I really like about this site is that it outlines exactly what kind of accident are covered, and what could happen when brought to court because of those accidents. I have worried in the past, that if I were to get hurt, what would be covered and what wouldn’t be. And now that I have read this site, I wont have to worry as much because I have a better knowledge of what could happen once I get hurt. So thank you.

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